Children and an adult are drawing and writing

Ankit Vishwakarma and Nirav Pal gave a workshop on English Literacy with Deaf Learners: the interplay of peer tuition, Real-Life English, and a virtual learning environment at the International Conference of Sign Language Users (SIGN9) at the University of Warsaw Old Library in Warsaw, Poland on 22nd-25th August 2018. Here they are shown receiving great faceback from the International participants after discussing with each others at the workshop.
Had a great discussion with them!

Participants at the workshop
Large crowd signing
Audience participation
Empty auditorium
Old Library, University of Warsaw
Nirav and Ankit



In India we have been preparing materials and recruited children and adults.  Some deaf children at the Happy Hands School for the Deaf, ran by the Rural Lifeline Trust, are taught by deaf tutors trained on the project.

sitting children
Children at the Happy Hands School for deaf people.
Young girl and teacher with a pencil and piece of paper
Girl working with a teacher