several project leaders

Peer to Peer Deaf Multiliteracies: Research into a sustainable approach to the education of deaf children and young adults in the Global South

The project is led by Prof. Ulrike Zeshan, OBE, Director of UCLan’s International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies who explains, “We understand the longstanding problem of deaf people’s insufficient access to schools in the developing world, and their resulting lack of employment, income, life quality and fulfilment. Through this multinational study we will expand our pilot project’s cost-effective and learner-directed literacy teaching methods.” These methods have involved peer to peer teaching by local deaf tutors, supported by deaf research assistants in India, Ghana and Uganda.

Our Research Assistants and Peer Tutors have undergone lengthy training.  Recruitment of further peer tutors has happened and we are now busy recruiting deaf participants, children and adults, in a variety of locations.